To ensure total safety and optimal performance, it’s important to take good care of your car. A big part of that is staying on top of basic automotive maintenance across the seasons. Winter weather, in particular, can take a toll on your car, and requires some special attention. If you have any questions about winter car care in Paramus, New Jersey, or wish to seek our assistance with vehicle winterization, we welcome you to contact Jack Daniels Audi of Paramus at any time.

Make sure you take a look at our Audi service specials, while you’re at it. In the meantime, here are some winter car care basics for any vehicle owner to consider.

Winterizing Your Car

Check the lights

With the days shorter and darker, you’ll need to ensure proper illumination. If you have even a single light that’s out, it could impair your safety on the road. Take some time to double check and confirm all your lights are working properly, and make a service appointment if you need any replaced.

Test your battery

In cold weather, your battery has to work even harder than normal. That’s why many car owners experience battery trouble in the winter months. Avoid getting stranded. Have a volt test performed on your battery, and if it’s on its last leg, consider having your battery replaced preemptively.

Top off your coolant 

Coolant, also called antifreeze, is critical. It helps you protect your engine from freezing up in cold weather. As temperatures plunge, check your coolant level, and top it off if need be.

Replace your tires

If you’re driving on either summer or all-year tires, you may wish to switch them out for winter ones. These specialized tires will give you better traction and handling — even in ice and snow.

Check your tire pressure

Changes to atmospheric pressure can sometimes cause your tires to become underinflated. Use a tire gauge to check them once a month or so, and if they don’t meet the factory-recommended psi level, fill them up!

Take Care of Your Car This Winter in Paramus, NJ

There’s much you can do to take care of your vehicle in winter weather. To schedule Audi service in Paramus, NJ, we invite you to contact our dealership today.