Winter is in full force across most the country and Paramus, New Jersey, is no exception. With spring out of the picture for a few more months, you’ll want to gear up for the rest of the season. Luckily, your Audi already comes with winter-ready features like quattro® all-wheel drive and heated seats.

But is there anything you can do to better equip it for the perils of winter? Genuine Audi parts and accessories are the best places to start. Keep reading for a list of our favorites.

5 Audi Parts to Get You Through Winter

All-weather floor mats

With the frigid and sometimes slushy nature of winter weather, there’s no telling what you’ll track into your car. All-weather floor mats are made for these situations. These durable, weather-resistant accessories will protect your Audi’s carpet and save you the inconvenience of having to clean unnecessary messes.


Winter isn’t a great time to realize you don’t remember your last battery change. Colder conditions are harsh on any battery, let alone one that’s between three and six years old. If your Audi is giving you fits to start, ask us about our available new batteries. We’ll keep you in charge until things thaw out — and beyond.

Oil and antifreeze

Appropriate levels of oil and antifreeze are pivotal to your TFSI® engine performance. But not just any product will do for your Audi. You need Genuine Audi oil, coolant, and other fluids to keep your car running smoothly. You’ll find all of the above at Jack Daniels Audi of Paramus in New Jersey. Plus, you’ll find the people who provide the best service for each of them.  

Winter tires

Driving on ice and rock salt can take a toll on your tires. While all-season varieties seem sufficient during the colder months, they underperform when compared to winter tires. Audi winter tires are designed tread by tread for the tricky surfaces of winter. Have us install them for you, and you’ll be guaranteed maximum traction for the rest of the season.

Wiper Blades

Scraping the snow off your windshield is only half the battle. Winter can leave your line of sight downright blurry if you don’t have effective wiper blades. Let us arm you with new wiper blades and freeze-resistant fluid, and your vision of the warmer days on the road ahead will be crystal clear.

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Preparing for the rest of winter in Paramus, New Jersey, is as easy as a visit to our parts department. Check out our specials on Genuine Audi parts and services, and contact us for availability today.